Seeking Brevity

Congratulations to Brevity, a digital design and branding agency, on their one year anniversary at Nebula. Founders Andrew Blackwell and Ben Gathard moved into a two-person office at the beginning of April 2014. Working nights and weekends, they were able to finally make the leap to full-time on June 16th, 2014.

In September of 2014 Brevity brought on their first two hires, Account Manager and Partner Ryan Bradford and Developer Bryan Butler. Outgrowing their current office, they moved across the street to the Globe Drug Building. Since then, the team has been growing their business and building the Brevity brand by working with clients such as Treehouse Networkshop, Rustic Grain, Stetson Cowboy Hats and Brown Shoe Co. We were honored to work with Brevity on our own new website and love the result. They are currently working out a possible partnership / merger with an advertising agency in Southern Illinois of which the details have not officially been released.

As business continues to grow, Brevity has added two more players to the team, Art Director Bob Schuster and Junior Developer Jessie Adrian. Bob comes to Brevity from AT&T’s Interaction Design & UX Dept. and has years of agency experience under his belt. Jessie is Brevity’s second hire from St. Louis’ very own Launchcode program.

As we move into the summer months, Brevity is finishing up the second phase of their office renovation, and you can follow progress on Instagram. They are currently working on a new website and marketing push that is set to launch with an open house event in mid to late June. We look forward to checking out the new space and celebrating our friends’ successful first year. We’ll have more information about the open house event, so keep your eyes open for an invitation.

In the meantime, visit Brevity to learn more about the great work they’re doing. To learn more about growing your business with Nebula, please contact us.