Griffin 3D Makes its Television Debut

What do an auto mechanic and a theater tech have in common? In the case of Griffin 3D, the answer is “imagination technology”. Griffin 3D is the first 3D printing company in St. Louis, and its founders, Doug Muncy and Scott Rocca, are dedicated to spreading awareness of 3D printing’s creative possibilities.

As Scott said, “St. Louis is filled with creative people, and we want to help give them the tools they need to keep innovating and keep creating.”

Education is a big part of what Griffin 3D does, and they make an effort to connect with their community. They met KETC’s Jim Kircherr while at SLU’s Start-Up Connection event, and he invited them to be featured on KETC’s Science Matters. KETC recently filmed the guys at work at their office in Nebula, and the show is set to air on PBS this spring. The spot on Science Matters will fishtail nicely with their outreach efforts in schools.

The television exposure also continues their efforts to represent innovation in St. Louis. “We believe in showing people that St. Louis is a place where emerging technologies can prosper, and we want to help other businesses and industries to grow alongside us,” said Scott. We’re grateful that they chose to bring their collaborative and creative spirit to Nebula. According to Scott, “Nebula offered a lot of flexibility and willingness to work with us. I know that being at Nebula has helped us to grow.”

Doug and Scott met at the Arch Reactor Hacker Space and set to work turning their unique skill sets into a successful business. Doug’s auto mechanic experience allows him to understand, build and fix complex machines. Then Scott, with his technical theater and studio art background, brings on-the-fly engineering skills and problem solving. They started a Kickstarter campaign last fall, met their goal in 8 days, and went on to raise $52,000 toward launching their business. It looks like their love for St. Louis is mutual.

Stay tuned, and we’ll let you know when the Science Matters episode airs. In the meantime, you can contact us with any questions about growing your business at Nebula.