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Griffin 3D Makes its Television Debut

What do an auto mechanic and a theater tech have in common? In the case of Griffin 3D, the answer is “imagination technology”. Griffin 3D is the first 3D printing company in St. Louis, and its founders, Doug Muncy and Scott Rocca, are dedicated to spreading awareness of 3D printing’s creative possibilities. As Scott said, […]

Michael Toecker Talks USB Security

Nebula Member and security technology expert Michael Toecker was featured in a recent article in ThreatPost, a top online news source for security related topics. Read the full article here:

Love Lion Makes the Internet Beautiful

The guys at Love Lion Studio, longtime Nebula members and skilled web designers, have just launched a new and updated version of their website: And just as one would expect from this very talented team, it is both beautiful and functional. This relaunch coincides with the recent additions to the team at Love Lion. […]

Michael Toecker Serving as Panelist for January Infragard Meeting

Michael Toecker, Nebula member and PE of Context Industrial Security will be a panelist at the upcoming January 27th Infragard Meeting. InfraGard is a non-profit organization serving as a public-private partnership between security based businesses and the FBI. The panel, entitled “Securing Critical Infrastructure,” is intended to discuss the consequences and solutions associated with cyber […]

Wool Hats Designed by Noah MacMillan

Custom St. Louis embroidered design by member Noah MacMillan on 100% Wool Ebbets Field Flannel available for pre-order now! Hats will ship or be available for in-town pickup 6-8 weeks after pre-sale closes January 31st. Updates will be provided via email.

Elmellio Music Group Releases a New Track

Mel Binion, also known as Elmellio, spends most of his time at Nebula in front of his computer with headphones on mixing and editing and producing the music he records with a diverse stable of local artists. He has been spending a lot of studio time with St. Louis blues guitarist Kavy, and they have […]