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Member Spotlight: Edward Domain

During the past half-decade, Edward Domain’s life has changed, dramatically and often. In 2012, he moved to St. Louis after winning an Arch Grant. In 2013, he was involved in a near-fatal taxi accident, one that saw eventually lock horns in a very public battle with the St. Louis Metro Taxi Commission. Large chunks of […]

Member Feature: Constance Steinkamp

For the past few weeks, yoga teacher Constance Steinkamp has hosted Reboot, a 50-minute, mid-week refresh session, held on Wednesday mornings at 8 a.m. The class is a free perk for Nebulites, allowing them engage their mind, body and breath in the Events Space. “I would say that Reboot is just that,” Steinkamp says, “a […]

Member Profile: Mark Pannebecker

If you’ve got light on in your office or workspace at Nebula, or if you’re phone’s charging smoothly while plugged into the wall, you can thank the efforts of Mark Pannebecker, the co-working facility’s electrician and that of South Side Spaces, generally. A resident of the Cherokee neighborhood, Pannebecker’s been in-and-around the complex for a […]

Member Profile: Sarah Berkowitz of

Sarah Berkowitz runs, an online events calendar that’s tied into a national network of such sites, DoStuff Media. As a mission, Do314 ties St. Louisans into what’s happening around town, frequently offering giveaways and chances to win tickets to the best stuff happening that week/month. And, every-now-and-again, the site’s able to help instigate a […]

Member Feature: Adria Nicole

Over the past decade, ukuleles have enjoyed a renaissance, of sorts. It’s not unusual to find them in a variety of live and recordings experiences anymore. And folks that have experience with other stringed instruments are usually quick to pick up some skills on ukes. Adria Nicole, however, enjoys teaching the instrument to young women […]

Member Feature: Morgan Keenan

Morgan Keenan has one of the smaller offices in the Nebula complex, but that’s fine by him, as much of his workday is spent in schools throughout the region. Working with the Missouri GSA Network, his role does involve some office work at Nebula, but it’s interspersed with large stretches of time working on direct […]

Member Profile: Matt and Mike of Smilebooth & Suede Media

Matt Zahnweh introduces his business, Smilebooth, this way: “We’re an event activation company. Which is a fancy term for a photobooth.” Smilebooth photobooths, though, aren’t your average photobooth. They’re souped-up and ready to tackle the needs of a social media world in which people want to walk away with the physical piece of media, but […]

Seeking Brevity

Congratulations to Brevity, a digital design and branding agency, on their one year anniversary at Nebula. Founders Andrew Blackwell and Ben Gathard moved into a two-person office at the beginning of April 2014. Working nights and weekends, they were able to finally make the leap to full-time on June 16th, 2014. In September of 2014 Brevity […]