City Wide Pils Scholarship Finalists

Wow! We received an overwhelming response to the City Wide Pils Scholarship from so many deserving St. Louis businesses, organizations, non-profits, business concepts all kicking ass and taking names. In collaboration with 4 Hands Brewery Co., we’ve selected our top 3 and would like your help on deciding who should win the scholarship.

Below you’ll find each applicant’s mission statements as well as a link to vote for your favorite organization.

City Greens Market
“The mission of City Greens is to provide fresh, quality, affordable produce, to promote healthy living and provide a space for neighbors to interact. We recognize the importance of knowing where our food comes from, and supporting local farmers and producers as part of our community. We hope to inspire and empower other communities to take their food supply into their own hands like we have done. We envision a St. Louis in which every neighborhood across the city has its own community grocery store that supports local agriculture and tries to make good food affordable for everyone.”

The Fattened Caf
“The mission of The Fattened Caf is to love people more through food, friendship, and community by bringing American and Filipino BBQ from our smoker into your bellies.”

Leverage Dance Theater
“Leverage Dance Theater’s mission is to support contemporary dance making, the development of 21st-century dance educators and innovative community programming through a commitment to collaborative processes and continuing education for artists. Leverage uses dance and creative movement in non-traditional environments to engage new audiences and generate a social discourse to fuel artistic work. By developing artist educators, outreach programs, and performances, Leverage seeks to bring the social, physical, and cognitive benefits of creative movement and dance to a diverse and growing audience.”


Join us on July 18th for a happy hour at 4 Hands. At 6pm, a representative from each organization will give presentations and then we’ll announce the winner of the City Wide Pils Scholarship!

You can read more about the City Wide Pils Scholarship here.