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Neighborhood Profile: Red Oak Biscuits

Buttermilk biscuits have arrived on Cherokee Street!

You may have heard of our newest neighbors, Red Oak Biscuits, and their buttermilk biscuits as they’ve been serving them up in the Downtown West neighborhood since July 2017. They recently made the move to Cherokee Street, relocating to the space formerly occupied by The Blue Pearl, and owner Derek Schulze couldn’t be happier with the warm reception they’ve received by the neighborhood noting that the support has been more than he could have hoped for.

The move was prompted by a need to relocate Red Oak and make room for a new concept that Schulze is opening Downtown, Homestead. When looking for a new location, South City was calling Schulze’s name and Cherokee Street in particular. Schulze had even viewed the space they currently occupy before opening in their original space Downtown.

When asked what he hopes Red Oak will bring to Cherokee Street, Schulze emphasized a hope to create a community gathering space. Schulze envisioned drawing the Cherokee District closer to South Grand by adding a café on a part of the street that was in need of a space for neighbors to grab a coffee together. He also noted the importance of providing local food and drinks in a way that was accessible to the community.

When asked of the importance of utilizing local ingredients, Schulze references his childhood growing up on a farm in Warrenton, MO (his dad’s farm provides the beef for the restaurant) and how important it is for him to showcase the delicious ingredients grown by local farmers. If you’ve been to Red Oak you may have noticed their hydroponic tower garden which is a way that Schulze is continuing the family tradition.

Red Oak is currently partnering with a couple of Cherokee businesses including Whisk, who provides their pastries, and Sump Coffee. Down the line, Schulze would love to collaborate with more neighbors on different projects including merchandise and specialty drinks for when Red Oak obtains their liquor license.

Be sure to visit Red Oak’s website and Facebook pages to stay up to date with all things buttermilk biscuits.

You can read more about Red Oak’s move to Cherokee Street via the Riverfront Times and Feast Magazine.