City Wide Pils Scholarship Application Now Open

4 Hands + Nebula are now accepting applications for the City Wide Pils Scholarship!

Each year, 4 Hands Brewing Company contributes a portion of the funds raised by sales of their City Wide Pils to help foster the City of St. Louis. $1 of each case of City Wide Pils is donated to a scholarship fund every 4 months. Nebula is honored to partner with 4 Hands to present this year’s scholarship to a community organization that is dedicated to improving the city that we love. Nebula will also gift the Pils Scholarship winner a free Nebula drop in membership!

Nebula believes that a coworking space is not an island. We are committed to building capacity not only in our members, but also in our neighbors. It’s important for us to support and be a part of the good happening in our city and our communities.

Learn more about the scholarship and submit your application here.