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Q&A with Jason Spencer a.k.a. Killer Napkins

Today, we discuss with an influential community member, Jason Spencer a.k.a. Killer Napkins. Jason started out drawing creepy monsters as a kid and now has an expansive array of artwork throughout the St. Louis area. As an illustrator, designer, and painter he works with a massive imagination and skillset — depicting epic scenes of illustration […]

Neighborhood Profile: Cherokee Street Gallery

This Friday, June 29th Cherokee Street will experience, Cherokee Street Gallery’s inaugural art opening, “Messages from Mercury” from 6pm to 10pm. The show will feature artwork by the gallery’s founder, Benjamin Lowder.  “It’s a continuing series where I’m using reclaimed materials and vintage metal signage to deconstruct the messages that were there originally in advertising,” […]

Neighborhood Profile: KAMP

If you think back to the first camping/outdoors shop you experienced, it may very well have been a cramped environment, stuffed with stock from ceiling-to-floor. More current iterations of this retail experience might’ve lost the clutter, but there’s an overwhelming amount of merchandise. St. Louis’ newest entry into the field of camping retail, KAMP, instead […]