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Give Your Productivity A Kickstart for the New Year

Getting back to work after the holidays is tough, but Nebula is here to help! We want 2020 to be your year, so here are a few of our workday productivity hacks.

1. Choose a workspace that is just for work and free of distractions. It’s hard to focus when your pile of laundry is just begging to be sorted and washed. We obviously favor a coworking space for getting things done. “People who belong to [coworking spaces] report levels of thriving that approach an average of 6 on a 7-point scale. This is at least a point higher than the average for employees who do their jobs in regular offices…” according to Harvard Business Review.

2. Take breaks! Stand up, stretch, or take a walk. “While taking breaks may sound counterintuitive when it comes to boosting productivity, it’s one of the best ways to do so. Employees gain focus and energy after stepping away from their desks,” according to According to this Tork survey, “nearly 90% of North American employees claim that taking lunch breaks helps them feel refreshed and ready to get back to work.”

3. Remember, you’re not alone! Feel like you’re hitting a dead end with a project? Get a different perspective from a colleague or friend. “Coworking members report much higher levels of ‘thriving’ than traditional employees. This is in part due to the community aspects of coworking spaces, which allow members to socialize and interact with other members,” according to Harvard Business Review.

4. Assemble the tools you need to succeed. Fast wifi, caffeine, and snacks are essential for our productive workday.

Swing by Nebula on Friday, Jan. 3rd (and the first Friday of every month in 2020) for Free First Friday. On the first Friday of each month from 10am-4pm, we open our doors to the public. Stop by and hunker down in our shared workspaces with fiber internet, locally-roasted coffee from our friends Botanical Roasters, and the best handmade bagels in St. Louis from our pals, Gooseberries. All free!

Join the Facebook event for more details and updates about Free First Fridays in 2020.