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Tenth Life

Tenth Life. When nine aren’t enough.

Giving cats the lives they deserve is the mission of Tenth Life Cat Rescue, located at 3202 Cherokee Street. In service to their mission, Tenth Life provides veterinary care, foster homes, and adoptive placement to stray cats and kittens while prioritizing those with special needs and injuries. We believe that every cat, regardless of emotional or physical limitations, deserves the chance at a fulfilling and happy life.

Passionate about community, Tenth Life also works to end unnecessary euthanasia and cat homelessness through educational outreach, community programs, and collaborative partnerships.

Founded in January of 2009, Tenth Life is a stray cat rescue with a different approach when it comes to our brick and mortar location. Opened to the public in 2013, visitors will find a home-like environment filled with comfy couches and lounging cats. We have free coffee and wifi along with plenty of tables at which to get some work done — when and IF the cats will allow it. They’re really in charge here.

While up to 25 cats and kittens can typically be found at Tenth Life on Cherokee, most of our cats (approx. 200+ per year) hang out in loving foster homes. We aspire to have a larger version of what we have today with cats in happy little clowders, living a plush life while they await their forever homes.

We’re often asked if we charge to visit or if there is a time limit. The simple answer to both questions is NO. We don’t charge (though donations are always appreciated!) and if we’re open, you are more than welcome to come sit with us! There has never been a fee to drop in and hang out, as we feel that time spent with cats is beneficial to our community. Plus the kitties enjoy cuddling up with new humans, so please stop by and help them get the socialization they need to impress their eventual families! That said, we do host fundraising events such as our monthly Cats N’ Mats yoga night for which we do charge but we think with cats is more than worth the investment in your mental health, if we do say so ourselves. We hope to see you soon!