We focus on bringing unique and personalized brand experiences to your audience by telling stories and educating customers through design and technology.

Our top priority is creating clean and organized projects with the smallest amount of code. There are a lot of cool new tricks and hot new javascript plugins that will have your site flashing and spinning ’til the cows come home’. But is that what your site needs to communicate clearly to a core audience, probably not. We design and build our sites to solve unique problems and create impactful experiences.

That being said we don’t believe in adding technology for the sake of technology, we want to keep your site lean and mean to preform at a higher level and achieve your specific goals.

Ben Gathard

Partner & Technical Director
Ben is the driving force behind Brevity’s design and technology ethos. He is involved from discovery to delivery, setting the tone, look, feel, and goals for all projects. When he isn’t creating brands or websites, he mentors members of the team and leads the charge to stay on the bleeding edge of technology.

Ryan Bradford

Partner & Senior Account Manager
Ryan heads up client communications and manages project workflow. He keeps the Brevity team informed and on schedule to keep clients happy and ensure the upmost in quality service.

Bob Schuster

Partner & Creative Director
Bob is our resident UI/UX and branding design expert. His artistic vision and visual communication skills are complimented by his understanding of branding fundamentals and online digital experiences.

Madeleine Flucke

Project Manager
Madeleine is the crack of the whip at Brevity. She runs our production schedule and internal communications. She has also begun playing a larger role as our resident marketing manager. She writes great content and is an amazing copy editor.