Piñata Sound System Party

Join The Luminary for a community party at Love Bank Park featuring the unveiling of Matt Joynt, Josh Rios and Anthony Romero’s Piñata Sound System for Counterpublic.

The Piñata Sound System is a repurposed Ofo bike outfitted as a sound machine that can be checked out and ridden around the neighborhood.  Borrowing from the tradition of the amplified soapbox, the sidewalk musician, and other portable sound systems, this audio sculpture is completed when activated by a rider in public space.

The path the bike takes not only maps the community of Latinx businesses on Cherokee Street, but also maps the rich sonic history of Latinx diaspora and migration amplifying mixed fragments of cumbia that reflect and refract off the neighborhood. More information on Piñata Sound System is available at https://counterpublic.us/portfolio-item/romero-rios-joynt

Free refreshments and cumbia will be provided for all ages. For more information on this event, visit the Facebook event page.