FOAMFEST, a fundraiser for our beloved Foam. 

Join us on Sunday, February 17th for a fundraiser for Foam featuring bands and a pop-up by The Little Dipper! More info to be added in the coming hours, nights, days, fortnight. To keep up, visit the Facebook event page.


-experimental psychics of Illinois-

-chaotic hypnotic surfers-

Frankie valet
-polite bangers only-

Golden Curls
-woozy pop of your dreams-

Jesus Christ Supercar
-american rock from stl, the center of the country-

Morning Mtn.
-midwest emo folk-

Ronnie Rogers
-rock and roll with jam-

The Sigmund Frauds
-shoe gazing in your garage-

Teacup Dragun
-alt/goth r&b dipped in emo-

Unmanned Ship
-space rangers visiting from Chicago-

-not your stepdad’s rock-
https://too elusive to be caught on tape

Kaleb Kirby spins the verbs to close out the night!