Faring Purth. The Other Girls.

A collection of Faring Purth‘s original works, spanning from 2012 to the present, will be on view for the greater St. Louis public April 21st, for a one night only event.

The evening will be presented in correlation with the video projection mapping and illumination of Faring’s large-scale mural, “Prime” by immersive visual artist, Raven Fox, the screening of several short documentaries, and within close proximity to a small new mural.

THE OTHER GIRLS will offer all those who attend a chance to experience the full spectrum of Purth’s work, the power of mediums colliding in her collaboration with Fox, the smell of fresh paint emanating from her latest public piece; As well as a multi-faceted, block-party like evening as attendees wander on foot from one experience to the next.

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