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Meet the Team

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Gracie Dicker, Community Associate

Gracie is the Queen of The Lobby as well as the Queen of our Hearts. As Community Associate, she takes care of all things front door, mail, and hilarity-related. She’s always here to talk zodiacs, UFC, and 90 Day Fiancé. If you’re looking for a caffeine boost, she recommends you check out Teatopia.

Sara Feagans, Community Manager

Sara was voted Most Angel by Gracie, and she lives up to the title. Sara also holds the title of Community Manager of Nebula, and she truly runs the show around here. Helping members any way she can, planning fun events, and recommending the best seasons of Drag Race are just a few of her specialities. When it comes to favorite Cherokee spots, Sara says you can’t beat the patio at Earthbound.

Emma Dively, Director of Operations

Emma, Nebula’s Director of Operations, is the newest member of the Nebula team and could not be more excited to be here. When she’s not helping Sara and Gracie oversee things at Nebula, she’s probably working in her Benton Park yard with her wife–trying to plant an urban forest. Or–more likely–she’s taking a break from gardening with a Poptimism chai latte pop in hand.

Emily Hood

Emily is the person to go to when you aren’t sure what’s what or who’s who. She is a wealth of information and strategic oversight, and she does so much to keep the Nebula ship sailing on course. She loves plants and leather bound books, so her office at Schoolhouse feels like a lush library. When looking to get out of the office though, she loves spending time walking in Tower Grove Park and borrowing other people’s dogs for quick lunch-time strolls.

Jason Deem

Jason is the mastermind behind it all. Nebula and this team would not be here without his vision and defiant nature. His desire to do things outside the norm–like starting the first coworking space in St. Louis–has made Nebula a truly unique space and experience. His approachability and desire to help others has shaped this warm and welcoming community. Although he’s usually running from project to project, Jason has been known to enjoy a Stag at The Whiskey Ring.