Our bookable rooms are available to our drop in, desk, and office memberships – each membership tier offering room credits. Within Nebula Access, you can browse available rooms, create new bookings, and manage your existing reservations.

You can book a room in advance from the mobile app or web portal (be sure to log in!), or on-demand from the screen outside each room.

Book a room in advance

Spaces are categorized by conference rooms and phone booths. Filter by availability, amenities, or location within the building. You can also toggle between list and map views.

Select the room you’d like to reserve, along with the date and time. If your account has room credits available, you’ll see them applied as part of your booking process. If you do not have credits available, you’ll authorize payment for the reservation. Next, you’ll have an opportunity to provide some additional details about your meeting – these fields are optional, you can skip them if you’d like. Finalize your confirmation and you’re all set!

Book a room on-demand

There is an iPad display just outside of each bookable room. If the room is available, click the green “Book Now” button to begin the process.

Search for and select your account. If it is your first time making an on-demand booking, you’ll be asked to generate and then enter a passcode. After entering your one-time passcode, you’ll have the opportunity to change it to a 4-digit code of your choosing. We recommend picking the last four of your phone number – easy to remember!

Select how long you’d like to reserve the room for. If your account is associated with a company, you’ll be asked to select which account you’d like to bill – individual or team. Office memberships share credits as a team – select your company if you are part of an office. Drop in and desk memberships have individual credits – select your name if you have a drop in or desk membership.

If you have credits available, you’ll be able to use those for your on-demand reservation. If not, you’ll be prompted to pay. You can use your payment method on file or enter a new one.

Hit “Confirm” and you’re good to go!

Manage your reservations

You can modify your upcoming renovations at any time. Visit your account details, select reservations, and you’ll see a list of existing bookings. Select any individual reservation to view more details, reschedule, or cancel.

View your credits

You’ll have visibility on your available room credits when you book a room on-demand in the “confirm your booking” step.

You can also view your available credits any time from your Access dashboard. Login to Access from a browser and navigate to “Book a room”. Here you’ll see your available credits in the top right corner.

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