Eight Thirteen Design

Designing for Human Connection

Eight Thirteen is an independent design studio founded by Kat Hanner. It’s a project-based small business that helps create scalable web projects and focuses on emotional intelligence.

Capabilities include:

  • Digital Design
  • Lifecycle Marketing
  • Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Web Content

Kat Hanner

Kat is a freelance digital designer and strategic communications consultant. She started developing websites in the late 1990s on Angelfire.com but thought her scrolling marquees and hover effects were just a fun hobby like editing videos with her VCR. After years of trying to find a fairly stable career, her dormant HTML skills and background in public relations gave her a leg up in the world of web design and marketing. Today, she focuses on supporting community projects and educational programs. And, she believes it’s the stories in life and personal connections that create the most meaningful experiences.