Aleo Prime

Aleo Prime is one of Midwest’s leading Energy Advisories working with commercial, multi-family, governmental, military, and industrial customers to reduce and control their energy usage and budgets.

We build client-specific, comprehensive energy strategies that factor in our client’s goals and objectives. Utilizing our extensive network of manufacturers, suppliers, energy experts, and renewable energy partners, we bring the most
effective, efficient and innovative technologies to the table. We offer both focused solutions to a specific issue and broad plans to address long-term growth, paving the way for energy independence, providing more choice and less waste.

Core Competencies
• Energy Efficiency Equipment Procurement
• M & V and Energy Intelligence
• Solar and Renewable Energy Solutions
• Energy Efficiency Implementation and Optimization
• Batteries and Backup Generation
• Electric Vehicle Solutions
• Utility Bill Auditing
• Energy Auditing
• Demand Response
• Microgrid Design & Implementation