How can I reserve the conference room?
Meeting rooms can be booked in advance online or on-demand from the touch screen display outside the conference room. Green means it’s available, yellow means it’s reserved by someone who hasn’t shown up yet, and red means it’s currently in-use. Make sure to check-in using the display so others know it’s occupied and select “end meeting” when you’re finished so it shows up as available on the other displays in the building.

Will you help promote this cool thing I’m doing?
We love supporting small businesses, non-profits, and creatives. Let us know what you’re up to here and we can help promote it on social media, our monthly newsletter, and our web site.

Where can I work?
Any open desk, counter, table, chair, or couch is fair game for drop-in, dedicated desk members and office dwellers. Change up your work environment.

Where can I park?
You can park in the lot directly across from Nebula on the other side of Jefferson at 3400 Jefferson, or in the lot directly behind Nebula with the red shipping container.

It would be really cool if Nebula had a ______ ?
We’re always looking for ways to improve. Have an idea? Let us know.