Each member receives 150 FREE B&W prints + 20 FREE Color prints per month.

Additional printing is charged at a discounted rate of $0.05 per page for B&W + $0.35 per page for Color. To add credits to your account, log in to the Ezeep Online Portal at Ezeep.com. Select the tab under ‘Account,’ where your email is listed and then select the ‘Buy Credit’ tab. Watch the tutorial here.

You can now print three different ways with Ezeep:

  1. Print on your Mac or PC
  2. Print with the Ezeep Online Portal
  3. Print on your iPhone or Android

To use the printer to scan, copy, or fax select the function you’d like to use on the printer’s screen. When prompted for a username + password, enter your department code (the 5-digit code on your keycard) for both fields.

A few need-to-knows:

Printing in Color: When printing in color, select your desired color printer then double-check your printer settings to ensure the ‘Color’ option is selected. If you don’t do this, your page may print in b&w even if you select a color printer.

Scan-And-Send: Search for your email in the Address Book. If you would like to change or add an email, contact info@nebulastl.com.

Sending a Fax: Place the document you want to send in the document feeder face-up. Select ‘Fax’ on the screen and enter the number you want to send your fax to. If the number is long-distance, add a ‘1’ before the fax number. Wait for the printer to print out a confirmation page. If your fax didn’t send, please check with the receiver to ensure their fax machine is on.

Receiving a Fax: Nebula’s fax number is 314-632-6488. Give Nebula staff a heads up that you’re expecting a fax. When the fax is received, Nebula staff will forward it to you via email.

Having printer issues? Contact info@nebulastl.com